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A brief overview

The Party Wall Agreement (Award) is the legal process that needs to be started before the building owner commences work on their proposed works.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 covers three types of work that affect the adjoining owner:

  1. New walls built up to or astride the line of junction between the properties.
  2. Works directly affecting the party wall (e.g. Chimney removed; Inserting a beam, etc).
  3. Excavations within 3m or 6m and to a depth lower that the adjoining owner’s foundations.

The Party Wall Agreement procedure ensures that both the building owner and the adjoining owner are legally protected before, during and after the works.

As well as being regulated by the RICS, we are members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, the foremost professional body for party wall surveyors, of which we work within their Code of Conduct, ensuring we carry out our duties in an impartial manner in the best interests of all parties involved.

Whether you are the Building Owner (the one carrying out the building works) or the Adjoining Owner (the neighbour effected by the works), you can CALL US for FREE ADVICE about how to comply with your obligations and/or protect your interests under the Act.

What is your position?

I am planning works

As the Building Owner you have certain obligations to carry out before your project commences.

Before your project commences there are a few things you need to know and do:

1. Notify your neighbours

You need to formally write to the Adjoining Owners whose properties are going to be directly affected by your works.
Not all works are notifiable (just the elements affecting the boundaries) but there is specific information you do need to include in your letter.
The simplest way to get this right is to call us. We can discuss your project and advise you as to what elements are notifiable.

2. Timescales

Though we can work quicker to meet specific requirements, you should allow 6-8 weeks for the Party Wall Agreement Process. You will need to notify neighbours as soon as possible. They then have 14 days to reply by consenting or dissenting.

3. Using our expertise

To avoid delays you should look to appoint an independent Party Wall Surveyor. Upon being appointed our polite approach will hopefully result in your neighbour(s) (Adjoining Owners) appointing us as the Agreed Surveyor, with both parties entrusting us to act impartially throughout. This appointment will potentially save you a considerable amount in surveyor fees. Please remember that as the Building Owner, you are likely to incur 100% of any fees due in achieving a Party Wall Agreement.

4. Fee Proposal

If you are interested in appointing Avery Associates to act as your Party Wall Surveyor please feel free to contact us.

My neighbour is planning works

As the Adjoining Owner you will want to ensure that an agreement covers how the project will run and how to recover costs should any damage be caused to your property.

You should expect:

1. A Party Wall Notice

A Notice outlines the elements of the plans that relate to the boundary of the two properties. Depending on the type of building work this should be received between 4 and 8 weeks prior to the works commencing.

2. Managing the risk

There is a potential risk of damage to your property as a result of the works being carried out. It is important to remember that however good your neighbourly relationship is, there is no relationship with the contractor. You have a right to appoint your own surveyor. Although most cases are straightforward, you may wish to appoint an independent Party Wall Surveyor to ensure your safety and enjoyment of your property is maintained throughout.

3. Payment of fees

Please remember that the Building Owner, not you, typically incurs 100% of any fees due in achieving a Party Wall Agreement.

4. The next step

If you are interested in appointing Avery Associates to act as your Party Wall Surveyor please feel free to contact us.


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